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Hack windows xp password without using any software

Hacking Windows XP Passwords. for real!

 This simple trick will help you to hack the windows password without using any software.


Step 1:Boot the computer in safe mode


Once you enter  the main menu you will see two accounts one is the administrator account and other is your victims account login in the administrator account

step 2: Now go to Start and open  control panel 



step 3: Now select User Accounts


 step 4: Now select your victims account


step 5: Now select Remove The Password


step 6: when thats done, shut the computer down, and use the same method to set the computer back to normal mode, and when you boot it up you will have either a new password you chose, or no password at all!! 



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Mathi said...

nelam nalla vauva!!!!!!!!!!

Vicky Ou said...

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Gary D. Howell said...

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