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Hack a software and run it forever for free

hack a software and run the trial software forever for free

Hi friends, today we are going to see how to hack a trial version software and run it forever for free. Many of us using many softwares that runs for a particular period of time. Once the given period finished we have to buy a key or we have to purchase the full version of that software. 
Here is the trick to run a trial software forever. 

Explanation :
Once you installs a software all the details of that software that is date and time in which it is installed and the path from the where it is installed will also be stored will be stored in the windows registry 

So when you run that software each and every time that software program will check the system current date and time and compare it with the installed date and time.

By using this technique the software runs only during the given time (trial time). To overcome this technique we use a software or a tool called as " RUN AS DATE "

you can download the RUNASDATE software by clicking the download button


or download it from

so that after the trial period finished then run it using these runasdate software.

This cannot be used for softwares like antivirus softwares, trial version games and other softwares that are autostart during the system start up.

And these software works under Windows xp, win 7, vista and in windows 2003.

follow the instructions from the downloaded runasdate file and use it..

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Romy Dhiman said...

I use RunAsDate for Touchpoint Lite software. Software run successfully but it is showing the date of RunAsDate instead of Current date. Please Help.

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